Prospect Terrace – A Veranda Theatre Production

by Angela Murphy

Warring siblings, an ageing patriarch and a dangling inheritance.

What can possibly go wrong?

Set in a Queenslander in Queensland, this is a funny, bitter and quirky take on the dynamics of a dysfunctional family.

We can all relate in some way.


Pepper’s once normal life is falling apart. Her fractious father Jack has taken nasty to a new level, her spoilt younger sister Bunny dishes out unwanted social-worker advice and her far-away floundering brother Rob has continued his romance with the bottle. To top it off her estranged teenage daughter Megan has publicly blanked her.

When 80-year-old Jack ends up is hospital, decisions need to be made about his future and the much-loved family home on Prospect Terrace. We watch as the family grapples with the past, as they rediscover forgotten truths, hidden treasures, and lost love.

Told though witty dialogue, nostalgic songs, a Queenslander aesthetic, and narrated by Delores who isn’t exactly who she seems, Prospect Terrace explores the powerful dynamics that confront us when parents age, inheritances dangle and the family home needs to be sold.

Cast and crew

Cairns Performing Arts Centre 20 – 22 November 2020
Director by Karen Crone
Producer Angela Murphy
Cast Andrea Allumay, Andy Bramble, Liz Christensen & Natalie Taylor.
Lighting Designer Jason Glenwright / Assistant Lighting Designer Eben Love
Set and Costume Designers Simona Cosentini & Simone Tesorieri
Sound Designer Nigel Pegrum
Stage Manager Shanna Niehsner / Assistant Stage Manager Susan Prince
Production Assistant & Print Media Cathy Willacy


This outstanding play by Angela Murphy welcomes back live theatre performances in Cairns. Murphy’s tight and relevant lines present a fresh, regional context to this universal tale. 5 stars. Chrystopher J Spicer, November 2020. Read more.
This play should tour. It is inventive and engaging on all levels. It is thought-provoking comedy and excellent theatre where the cast and crew have expertly entertained and engaged the audience. 5 stars. Maggie Shephard-King, December 2020.  Read more




Supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, Cairns Regional Council,  TAFE Queensland, Central Queensland University, Pip Miller PR, WCG Lawyers, Karydas Law, Cairns Little Theatre Inc, with special thanks to Cath Willacy, Deb Kember and Kevin Ryan.


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