What are the Odds? – JUTE Theatre Production

by Angela Murphy 

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Inspired by Australia’s fascination with celebrating the Melbourne Cup as well as the complexities of female relationships, What Are The Odds? was a huge success. Produced in 2011 as a Jute Theatre Company Cairns production, the comedy explores two groups of women doing Melbourne cup lunch, and much more. Laughs, pathos and truths are exposed. As part of her research, Angela found it necessary to immerse herself in character, pop on a hat and attend several such events over the years. The play  performed to full houses and created a box office record for the theatre company.

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“Angela Murphy’s new play is a triumph, not to be missed. It is a comedy with underlying elements of pathos. Ian Lawson’s direction is almost flawless. This play delivers audience satisfaction in spades. The opening night crowd was thoroughly engaged from start to finish. I predict tickets will soon be hard to get.”  Reviewer Glyn Davies for Arts Nexus, April 3rd

“it is genuinely one of the company’s funniest productions ever. The laughs were a lot sweeter, despite packing a much stronger emotional punch than I expected. A quintessentially North Queensland and hilariously funny tale of friendship, sisterhood, heartbreak & redemption.” Jesse Kuch for The Cairns Post, April 8th p. 42

“Fantastic performance by very talented women. Funny. Witty. Enlightening. Very lively. True to life.” Audience exit survey comments

“Fantastic play. A definite MUST SEE! Great night’s entertainment” Twitter message from Tim Grau, April 4th

“Everyone from 16 to 65 was in the house and I think it surprised a few of the blokes in the audience who, at the start, looked like they had been begrudgingly dragged along by their better halves but by the end, had sore bellies with laughter”  Jesse Kuch for The Cairns Post, April 8th p. 42 



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