The Boathouse – JUTE Theatre Production

by Angela Murphy 

Cairns Playwrites Jute Theatre Angela Murphy The Boathouse

The Boathouse is Angela’s debut play, produced by the JUTE Theatre, Cairns and the Darwin Theatre Company, in 2006.

The play is a comedy about an ordinary man who stands up for what he believes in, but not without a cost. In the small town of Coralcay, the century-old Boathouse is earmarked for destruction to make way for another high-rise, and local teacher Ray Smallwood is spurred into action to save the historic building.

It’s a decision that effects both Ray’s marriage and his maturity as a man, as collisions between old friendships and new loyalties arise. Saving the Boathouse becomes Ray’s watershed. 



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Angela Murphy has a style reminiscent of David Williamson’s. Like Williamson, she makes occasional use of poetic dialogue to lift the play out of the mundane; like him, she uses witty one-liners to relieve tension and create a comic undertone to a serious topic; like him, she strips away her characters’ pretensions, leaving them as emotionally and socially stranded misfits.” Arts Nexus




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